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What is Ultrasound Cavitation?
Ultrasound Cavitation is a revolutionary fat removal techniquethat reduces body circumference, cellulite, and helps to tighten and tone skin. This procedure is designed specifically for the person with stored fat pockets and great therapy for body shaping. It removes stubborn fat especially in areas that don't seem to budge regardless of diet or exercise.

At Contour Hollywood we use state of the art equipment along with scientifically proven techniques to give you great results.


What makes the Contour Hollywood Ultrasound Cavitation different from other treatments?
Our Ultrasound Cavitation is the MOST effective treatment for the reduction of fat pockets and cellulite. Studies show that traditional Liposuction does not treat cellulite. In fact, traditional Liposuction often causes existing cellulite to appear more prominent and can cause fat pockets to appear lumpy.

Our program treats cellulite directly and reduces superficial fat giving you smoother; less dimpled looking skin in treated areas. Unlike liposuction, Ultrasound Cavitation does NOT require hospitalization, general anesthesia or recovery time.


How does Ultrasound Cavitation work?
Ultrasound Cavitation causes tons of microscopic air bubbles to surround the lipocyte (fat cell) membranes. It resonates a frequency and creates a pressure that causes fat cells to instantly break up. Broken lipocytes are naturally moved to the liver and safely removed from the body. This process is assisted by drinking a lot of water.

Cavitation triggers the lipolysis of fatty acids from adipocytes (fat-laden cells) as a result of stable cavitation which increases cell permeability of the adipocytes and therefore an increased flow of triglycerides. A breakdown of the fibers through mechanical action (jet stream) occurs as well. Free fat, liberated from the adipocytes, is metabolized by the liver and eliminated in the urine. The procedure works to remove superficial fat.

The ultrasonic waves vibrate and break up the fat cells which are then liquefied and eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary system.


Commonly Targeted Areas:
Abdomen, Flank/Love Handles, Saddle Bags, Hips and Thighs , Buttocks, Bra Line, Upper Arms, Inner and Outer Thighs, Knees, Back of Arms and Ankles.


How Many Sessions are Needed to See Results?
It is common to have a decrease in your measurements after the first session. Research has shown that most people require 6-12 sessions to achieve optimal results. This will depend on the size of area to be treated and the desired result.


Weight loss results may vary based on the following:

* How often you are getting your Ultra Sonic Cavitation or I-lipo sessions done?

* What your body is consuming.

* Do you have a lifestyle that includes exercise?

Ultra Sonic Cavitation and I-Lipo are "lunch time" procedures. The sessions are about 15 - 20 minutes depending on the area. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle these non-invasive procedures can speed up the process, and provide the "little help" you need to give you the body that you want.


How do I Know Which Package is Right for Me?
If you have moderated weight loss needs (approximately 10 pounds) and a desire to reduce cellulite, tighten and tone stubborn fat areas that typically don’t respond to weight loss or exercise, a short medically supervised weight loss program or a medical detox in conjunction with ultrasonic cavitation will expedite and optimize your results. A customized package will be created during your consultation ensuring the best results.

If you are happy with your body weight and just need to tighten and tone specific areas of stubborn fat that seem impossible to get rid of including the abdomen, thighs and love handles, then simple Ultrasound Cavitation is perfect. The number of treatments to reach your goal will be determined during your consultation.

If you are a person who is overweight by more than 20 pounds, ask about our Smart Life Healthy Lifestyle Program.


How often do you perform Ultrasound Cavitation


Ultrasound Cavitation therapy can be safely performed up to 2 times per week.


What Guidelines should I follow with Ultrasound Cavitation?
It is necessary to drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water before and after each treatment to eliminate fat. Prior to the start of your Lipo Contour Treatments we ask that you refrain from going to the bathroom. For best results, you should avoid eating breads, rice and sodas and a low calorie diet is recommended.


Who is NOT a candidate?
If you have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease or coronary artery dysfunction, or if you suffer from uncontrolled blood pressure, arrhythmias or irregular heart rhythm, have a pacemaker, or have Grade II-III obesity then you are NOT a candidate. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are NOT candidates for this treatment.


Will it be painful?
The pain level depends upon the device and setting used. Current treatments are less painful than older protocols as less energy and more “passes” are generally used


What are some typical short-term side-effects?
Some patients may experience skin redness, temporary swelling of the treated area and temporary numbness of the area.

Are the Results Long Lasting?
The results are long lasting especially if combined with exercise and proper nutrition. This process does not stop the natural aging that affects your appearance. For this reason, we recommend maintenance visits.

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